Real Estate Investing Professionals

    A Sample Google My Business Listing

    Claiming Your Google My Business Listing for Your Real Estate Investment Website

    Real estate investors are in a competitive market with limited sellers, buyers, and lots of others who are competing for those same assets.  Real estate wholesalers are especially competitive.  They are competing for both buyers and sellers.  Today, most people start a search online when they are looking for...

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    Keywords for Your Real Estate Investing Website

    Easy Ways to Find Keywords for Real Estate Investing Keywords

    To make SEO count, you need to find things that your potential sellers and investors are looking for online.  These things are called keywords, which is what someone types into Google and other search engines to solve a problem or find information.  You need a strategy to find keywords...

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    Content Writing

    Five Ways to Create Content If You Aren’t a Good Writer

    Search Engine Optimization is a great way to draw traffic to your site.  Done well, you can take that audience and convert them to either buyers or sellers for your real estate wholesale business.  Of course, for SEO to work you need stuff for them to find on Google...

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    Improve SEO for Your Real Estate Wholesaling Website

    Five Ways To Improve SEO For Your Real Estate Wholesaling Website

    When you are looking to improve Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for your real estate wholesaling website, you want to consider what your ideal customer will be looking for and providing them solutions.  Consider their journey, their problem, and help them solve it.  If you look at it from...

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    Real Estate Wholesaling in New Jersey

    Real Estate Wholesaling in New Jersey

    There is no controversy about the reality of real estate wholesaling as an essential form of real estate investment. Before you dive into real estate wholesaling in New Jersey, you need to be familiar with the benefits, risks, and legal concerns involved. Although there is a lot of profit...

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    real estate investor websites

    Real Estate Investor Websites

    No matter what sort of real estate investing you pursue, from wholesaling to owning a portfolio of properties,  there are key aspects of your business that remain the same. You need deal flow. This means that you need sellers and, depending on your strategy,  you need buyers. You need...

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    legal real estate investing

    Is Real Estate Wholesaling Legal?

    Real estate wholesaling is a great way for beginners to enter the lucrative market of real estate investment without much capital.  It requires a good amount of work and effort but if you’re willing to learn and put the sweat equity into it, wholesaling real estate can be a...

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    risks and benefits

    Risks and Benefits of Real Estate Wholesaling

    Real estate wholesaling offers an incredible opportunity for someone looking to get involved in real estate investing without much money to start with. Real estate wholesalers are middlemen in a real estate deal between buyers and sellers. They get a contract from a property seller, advertise the home to...

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    a deal

    What Is a Double Closing in Real Estate?

    Anyone who is familiar with the idea of wholesaling in real estate will also be familiar with contract assignments. In a contract assignment, a wholesaler enters into an agreement with a seller on a property and then assigns the rights to a buyer in exchange for an assignment fee....

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    Real Estate Wholesaling

    How Does Real Estate Wholesaling Work

    There are a number of ways to invest in real estate. They each have their place. Today, we’re going to talk about one of these ways. We are going to discuss real estate wholesaling and how it works. Unfortunately,  when you’re talking about real estate,  the “real”, or physical,...

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