Five Ways to Create Content If You Aren’t a Good Writer

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Search Engine Optimization is a great way to draw traffic to your site.  If done well, you can convert that audience into buyers or sellers for your real estate wholesale business.  Of course, for SEO to work, you need stuff for them to find on Google and other search engines. You need content for your real estate wholesaling website.  That’s great, but if you aren’t a good writer, this can be challenging. Maybe you are a good writer, and you are busy spending your time wholesaling houses.  Either way, here are five ways that you can create content for your real estate wholesaling website.

1. Hire a Writer to Create Content

The simplest solution is to hire a writer to do it.  On sites like Upwork and Textbroker, you can hire writers with experience in SEO to create content for you.  You give them the topics, and they will write an article for you.  This is a case of you get what you pay for.  If you pay for the cheapest contractor, you will often get poor content that doesn’t help you.  On the other hand, you can often pay a bit more and get excellent content that is helpful to your audience, well-researched, SEO friendly and is well-written.

Even though someone else wrote it, it’s still your business, and you are responsible for its content and message.  It could be the next War and Peace, but if it isn’t useful to your audience, it won’t do you any good. Make sure that you thoroughly read everything and that you understand what your audience wants.  Otherwise, it will be money spent for content to sit on your site and not get you any traffic.

Another consideration is that most writers don’t know your area. All real estate is local, or so the saying goes.  A writer in another country or even another state may not know the specifics of your area and the buyers and sellers there.  Make sure to give them good direction of what you’re trying to say.

2. Create a Podcast for Content

If you can’t write to create content, you could try a podcast.  An interesting podcast can be a way to draw in an audience.  Since most real estate wholesaling businesses are local, you’d need to make something interesting to local buyers and sellers. 

Of course, a podcast by itself won’t help you draw in search engine traffic. To do that, you will want to post show notes or transcriptions.  You could do these yourself or hire them out.  There are services out there that will do this for you. 

To be honest, while this could work, a small podcast that you’d be likely to create for a local audience may not have enough draw to improve your rankings. However, it has been done successfully by some. For example, a local attorney in the Tampa area has a podcast that draws a national audience, allowing him to grow his firm.  He makes sure to have interesting guests and topics that can have broader appeal.  That strategy could work for a real estate investor as well.

3. Record What You Want to Say

As a real estate investor and local business person, you have expertise to share even if you can’t write.  One option is to record your thoughts on a topic, have them transcribed and hand them over to a professional writer to put your thoughts into a format that could be good for your audience. 

Just like other suggestions here, this would require some investment but would be more your ideas and in your voice but using a professional writer to create the actual content for your wholesaling website. That way, you get to share your thoughts and experience but don’t have to be great at putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards.) You also get to spend more time finding, buying, and wholesaling properties.

4. Try Video for Content

Video has a growing audience and has its own search engine in the form of YouTube.  You can do interesting and educational videos using your cell phone. You don’t need any fancy equipment or setup. 

Show potential buyers past deals and the returns you were able to get. Interview happy investors.  You could show past houses. Real estate investors have amazing visuals of all sorts of crazy houses.

On the seller side, show how you’ve helped other sellers sell their houses quickly.  Show them the cash deals you’ve gotten on houses.  You could also interview happy sellers.  You could explain the process and why working with you is a great option for a seller.

Once you have a few videos, create a channel on YouTube.  Make sure to include relevant descriptions and keywords in your video descriptions and include a link back to your site. 

To get the most SEO benefit from this strategy, create posts where you embed the video.  Just like with the podcasts and recording the content, you’ll get the most benefit by having written content with it. You could write a synopsis of the video and what you cover.  You could also hire someone to either transcribe the video or write an article that tells readers the same thing as the video (basically they can read the article or watch the video to get the information.)

Your written content should be at least 600 words to benefit from it most. That’s not a hard and fast rule.  More is often better, if it’s well written and helpful.  Less can work, but that’s a good minimum to shoot for. 

This is how you can get the most benefit from the video strategy, but videos have worked for many websites to improve the draw, keep people on their page for longer and pull in more business.  Video is also a great way to connect with your audience and show them who you are. Show them that they can trust you and that they should do business with you.

One warning, be careful about identifying buyers and sellers. Many people don’t like that, which could create legal problems for you.  You’ll want to be careful not to disclose information that someone wouldn’t want the world to know.

5. Tell A Story

Similar to doing YouTube videos, you have great stories to tell as a real estate investor in your area.  You can share how you’ve made money or helped investors. You can show how you’ve been able to help sellers in tough positions sell their houses.  You’ve seen some crazy things.  Tell your audience about these crazy stories and what you’ve learned from them and how you’ve helped people.

Readers love stories. This is your chance to draw them in with your own stories. 

Outsource All of Your SEO

If none of this works for you, companies out there will do it all for you.  They usually aren’t cheap and you would need a pretty good wholesaling business to make it worth it. They are there, though.  In fact, there are a lot of them out there.

You will want to see success stories, talk to past clients (or current clients), and make sure you can control how much you are spending. There is some great talent out there in the SEO space.  Make sure to do the math and that they can pay for themselves.  Of course, one extra wholesaling deal could pay for a lot of help.

SEO is an important part of drawing an audince into your website.  The great thing is that SEO keeps working unlike paid advertising on Facebook or Google.  It still takes work, though.  Common strategies include adding content to your site that your audience will find helpful and that they will search for on Google, Bing, and other search engines.  That’s a great strategy but won’t help you much if you’re not a good writer or don’t have the time to write. 

We’ve offered you a few ways to work around that.  Most will require you to invest some money.  You can often get a well-written article for less than $50.  If that draws more traffic and gets you more deals or capital to invest, it can be money well spent.  Remember, though, none of these strategies work overnight. They take time, persistence, and diligence to work well. 

Good luck!  We hope you can get that next deal. 

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