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Stop Wasting Time and money on advertising that doesn’t work.  We provide FREE lead generation websites to find sellers as well as marketing to local Contractors, Agents, and investors.

Real Estate Investor Websites

If you are looking for leads for real estate sellers you came to the right place. We provide FREE websites for Real Estate Wholesalers who are looking to generate more leads and market their deals to investors. Here is what makes us different:

  • Lead generation landing pages – we make it easy for sellers to find you and quickly provide information on their home so they can get a fast quote on their home.
  • Email your deals to all the local real estate pros – all our sites have a newsletter feature so you can email your deals out to all the local real estate agents, general contractors, mortgage brokers, and local investors who are the perfect buyers for your deals.
  • List your properties
  • Collect Buyer Emails
  • Beautiful templates!  Customized for your business
  • Completely responsive.  Your investors and sellers are on mobile so your site needs to work there too
  • We provide these sites at no cost with paid hosting (as low as $6.99 a month)
  • We will set it up for you and add all your contact information
  • We will even train you on how to make changes and add listings to your site.

. We only work with one investor or agent in each geographic area so contact us as soon as possible to reserve your area at 203-548-7753

Why do You Need a Real Estate Investor Website?

We have heard it thousands of times, I don’t need a website – I’ve been doing this for years and my current marketing works. That is what travel agents thought before they all went out of business due to online competition.

And your offline real estate marketing methods are as powerful today as they were ten years ago but the competition is more fierce now and you need something to set you apart and we can help.

In particular, there are three reasons every real estate investor needs a website.

  1. Automation that is open 24.7, our sites will save you time and money during the lead-generation process.
  2. The leads are of better quality. Online leads tend to be higher quality because they’re inbound leads – they took the time to contact you so they are motivated.
  3. Online and offline marketing strategies work great together.
  4. Build credibility.  In today’s market sellers do not trust buyers that they cant check out their website.

In simple terms, you know that you need a website for your real estate business…


How Much Does It Cost?

Our websites are free. You will need web hosting and as long as you use one of our preferred hosts that we have an affiliate relationship with and we only partner with the most cost-effective hosting firms. We work with several different hosting companies and they are as cheap as $6.99 a month for hosting (SiteGround is only $47 for the whole year!) We even have some domain names available.  If you don’t want one of ours and don’t have one of your own, you will want to get one.  We recommend NameCheapThere are no other charges or fees to be paid.

How Soon Can I Start?

It takes a day or two from the time you give us the green light to get a site built but we usually have sites already built in the major cities so we often have sites that are already set up.

How Do I Start?

Sign up with Siteground (just click on the banner above) and then use the form below to let us know.  If you need or want your own domain, we recommend one of our other partners, Namecheap, they have great prices and great service.  Once you let us know, we’ll get to work on your site and have it for you within a few days.  It’s really that easy.

How often do I get billed and is there a contract?

There is no contract. You can cancel at any time, we do recommend that you purchase a full year of hosting because it is cheaper but you can pay month to month.



Do you offer any other marketing assistance?

Sure.  Check out our e-mail marketing and lists of leads.  These can be very cost-effective ways to get the word out in your area.  We can also offer more technical assistance on your site if you need to add more to it later through our partner company.

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